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We use 'tickets' to manage all our support work.  Once opened, you can track our responses and get updates as they happen.  Whether it's just an enquiry or a call for help, a ticket is the best way to ensure your message gets our attention.

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W10 to W11 Logos

Windows 11 – Upgrade?

By now, most Windows PC and Laptop users will have seen various ‘Upgrade to Windows 11’ messages on their computers.  In some cases, the message says your machine is not compatible and others say it is not ready yet.  There…

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Laptop cool

Keep your laptop cool!

A really common problem with laptop computers is overheating and two of the most frequent causes are easily prevented. Firstly, it is important to understand that the Central Processing Unit (CPU) inside your laptop computer generates a lot of heat…

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Backup email

Email Backups

“I’m afraid you’ve lost your contacts and calendar events…” That’s a message I had to give one of my customers, this week, who didn’t realise that when using IMAP/POP3 email, Outlook should be backed up. Whoever hosts your domain, e.g.…

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Trouble with your PC or Laptop?

PC and Laptop upgrades

Why not have it upgraded? The latest version of Windows 10 is a great operating system but some older machines really struggle to cope with all that extra functionality.  Fortunately, there are two fairly easy fixes which transform most machines*

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What is Malware

What is Malware?

What is "Malware" and why should you protect yourself against it? Malware is a term used to describe unwanted computer programs or ‘apps’ which are either harmful or malicious.  They range from being merely annoying to being seriously nasty.  Computer…

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Ransomware attacks

Expect the unexpected!

If there is one thing we should all have learned after Covid19, we now know things can change radically very quickly. Were we prepared? had we considered the possibility that drastic changes could be forced on us? In fairness, recent…

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Time on your hands

Time on our hands

Key lesson One of the lessons we are learning in these strange times is that, for many of us, time has become so much less important. We have fewer pressing deadlines and we are not wasting so much time getting…

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PC-FIXED Remote support button

PC-FIXED Remote Support

Are you having computer problems while working from home or self-isolating? Most PC and Laptop problems are caused by one of two things: mechanical failure or system corruption.  Unfortunately the first can only be fixed with hands-on attention and will require…

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Caronavirus precautions

How to get help

Self- isolating? Required to work from home? Your PC or Laptop is likely to be your lifeline to the outside world, so If you have any computer problems give us a call. While PC-FIXED normally operates a mobile service, we…

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internet safety

Stay Safe!

Today, Internet Safety is paramount.  If you use your PC or Laptop to connect to the internet you need to be aware that you are potentially a target for all sorts of scammers and unwanted connections. From harmless targeted advertisements…

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Cost of IT

The Cost of IT

A: There’s no right or wrong answer and, in truth, it may be that, for you, it is somewhere in between - but there is a way to better focus your thinking: Could you do your job / provide your…

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Business IT maintenance Most business owners protect themselves from obvious risks with insurance, working policies, and good practices. Items they depend on are usually covered by service contracts such as phones and cars. When it comes to IT, bigger companies…

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