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We use 'tickets' to manage all our support work.  Once opened, you can track our responses and get updates as they happen.  Whether it's just an enquiry or a call for help, a ticket is the best way to ensure your message gets our attention.

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PC-FIXED, Fron Deg, Bryncroes, PWLLHELI, Gwynedd. LL53 8ED Call 01758 445025
Llyn peninsula

About PC-FIXED – a local PC Repair company

PC-FIXED is very much a local service, based in Bryncroes, Pwllheli – serving home computer users and small businesses in the villages and towns across the Llyn Peninsula.  Unlike the big national chains, this means we are part of the local community and take responsibility for our reputation.  We care passionately about providing excellent customer service which is why we are so proud of our many 5-star reviews.

We understand that it can be incredibly frustrating when a computer misbehaves and that it can be daunting contacting traditional computer retailers.  It seems they either speak an alien language or try to sell you something you don’t need.  Because of this, we have built our business our friendliness, expertise, quick response, and exceptional value.

Repair, Recover, Upgrade, Maintain, or Renew

Our business model is based on helping our customers get the most out of what they already have.  This includes repairing or replacing just the components that have failed and recovering devices or files that have become lost or unusable.  The result saves you money and even better, saves you disruption and downtime.  Other services include upgrading weak links and completing the installation and configuration of new PCs, laptops printers, and routers, etc.

We also provide a data-migration service for those who are replacing their hardware and need to transfer their files, documents, photos music, contacts, and emails to their new machine(s). Most importantly, this means that users have continuity with their day-to-day use without having to re-load all their settings and files from scratch.

Community service

At a community level, we are at the forefront of user education and regularly give talks to local user groups about online safety.  Please contact us if you are part of such a group and would like to know more

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