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Turn 20/20 Hindsight into 20/20 Foresight

Bad things happen. Some come out of the blue and some can be anticipated. When you are running a small business and depend on a Laptop or PC for customer records and day-to-day processes you must mitigate the risk of computer failure as unfortunately this is both predictable and all too likely.

One of my customers recently suffered a hard disk crash. One minute all was hunky-dory the next he was getting a disk boot failure and was staring at a dead screen. It was then he realised that his recent development work, his customer bookings, and all his recent photos were on that laptop and his last backup was over 6months old. Words cannot describe the devastation and damage this loss causes.

To add insult to injury, he was aware of the need to backup but just kept putting it off until he had time… in hindsight he knows that making that time would have saved him so much.
We are still waiting to see if a specialist lab can recover any data for him, odds are not good and costs could be considerable.

So the message is not to wait until this happens to you. Review your backup and disaster recovery strategy today. Consider getting an external backup drive and implementing a daily backup routine. (These drives must be kept disconnected when not being used as malware and ransomware attacks also apply to anything physically connected to your device). A further option is to add a NAS box to your network such as WD ‘MyDrive’ configured to automatically synchronise backup copies of any attached laptop or PC. Finally I strongly recommend migrating to Office365 as your primary office system. For a typical monthly subscription of £12 per user, (it’s ok to have just one user) all your critical documents will be safely stored in Microsoft’s cloud. You also get 1TB of OneDrive storage which can be used to store photos etc. allowing access from anywhere on any device including smartphones.

Do yourself a favour, be prepared for a disaster, make backups and if trouble strikes, your foresight will have turned a nightmare into an inconvenience. If you would like help or further advice on your particular scenario, give me a call on 07443 032 886. I can provide a full systems audit and customised recommendations to keep you safe and secure. As a further option I can help with your compliance with the upcoming GDPR legislation. (Don’t put this off either!)

Martin White

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