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PC-FIXED, Fron Deg, Bryncroes, PWLLHELI, Gwynedd. LL53 8ED Call 01758 445025
whats on my pc

Ever wondered what might be still on that old laptop or PC you kept when you upgraded?

Many of us take the easy option after suffering a PC or Laptop failure and just replace it with a new one – this usually makes sense when the replacement comes with all the latest updates and is probably faster with more capacity.

Interestingly, few of us actually throw the old one away – Why? – because maybe it has some stuff on it that one day could be useful – old photos, letters, artwork, emails, family tree research etc. etc.

The problem is that if the machine has died, how do you get access to it?

The answer is to give me a call! I have a number of forensic tools that can recover lost or damaged disks and offer a range of options based on your needs. Inevitably I can’t offer a guarantee of full recovery, but you might be surprised just how much can be successfully retrieved.

So if you can’t bring yourself to chuck it away then maybe something is telling you there’s value locked inside it. Why not at least try to get it recovered? There is one other advantage of getting it forensically checked – if I can’t get anything useful off it, you can be assured no one else will either – meaning you can safely dispose of it.

Martin White

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