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Welcome to our self-service ticketing system

We use 'tickets' to manage all our support work.  Once opened, you can track our responses and get updates as they happen.  Whether it's just an enquiry or a call for help, a ticket is the best way to ensure your message gets our attention.

Start here with a new enquiry or support request, or check the status of an existing ticket.

New enquiry or support request ticket

We just need a couple of things to get started:

Existing Ticket Lookup

Just enter your info to do a search.

PC-FIXED, Fron Deg, Bryncroes, PWLLHELI, Gwynedd. LL53 8ED Call 01758 445025

Welcome to our self-service ticketing system

Please tell us who you are and where you heard about us.  On the next page, select SSD upgrade from the drop-down, then add your make and model in the subject line.  You can add any details you like in the description including the best time to contact you and your preferred contact method i.e. phone or email.

We review new tickets regularly throughout the working day and will respond as soon as we can

Thank you for using PC-FIXED!

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